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The Emerald Dreamer

Saturday Show. The Ghostlands Update.Road Trip Trinkets & Chat.

12 ча назад

General Chat about current events, road trip trinkets & chat.

ENOCH TELLS. Thousands of Angels & The Sun & The Moon.

1 дн назад

In this read we look at chapters 40 and 41 of book two of The Books of Enoch.

Jeep Day, Jeep Parts, House clearing & Heavy Storm Front .

3 дн назад

An active day working on the jeep , chat about what i have been doing today, and how the jeep is coming along.

Wednesday Show Evolution / Creation . Ezra / Jeep / and Chat.

3 дн назад

Wednesday Live Show. White Rabbit channel. Genesis Video. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LMA41EVDhqw.

ENOCH TELLS. ENOCH - BOOK TWO. Chapters 37-38 & 39.

4 дн назад

In this reading we look at Book Two of The Books of Enoch from the start at chapters 37 38 and 39. and talk about a new book coming to the channel Next week, ...

Monday Stream. Book of Ezra/Jeep adjustments & Chat.

5 дн назад

Monday Live stream.

Trigeminal Neuralgia is back. Road trip was great & Chat.

1 нед назад

The weeks overview and chat.

Slight delay explained & re pack the kit plus chat .

2 нед назад

A slight delay in leaving for the road trip explained plus a re packing of the kit, and some chat. medical condition. Last jeep mod update ...

Saturday show. bug out trip to the Forest and chat.

2 нед назад

getting reaady for the road trip.

ENOCH TELLS. Enoch sees a Heavenly Device.

2 нед назад

Here we read the last three chapters in Book one of Enoch and Enoch sees a strange Heavenly device as well as portals opening in Heaven.

ENOCH TELLS. Enoch Stands in The Garden of Eden.

3 нед назад

Here we look at chapters 32 and 33 in The books of Enoch.

Monday Late hours Chat & Music.

3 нед назад

Music and Comments chat.

ENOCH TELLS. Enoch talks to Arch Angel Michael.

3 нед назад

More reading from The Books of Enoch. Here we read from chapters 24 and 25. and there is some amazing events going on here. Plus i talk at the end about ...

Channel Update. Content. B.f.A. Road Trip & Chat.

3 нед назад

Channel Update, Chat ,Road Trip, Azeroth streams & Chat. Stonehenge Road trip video. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vB2cb0cB7Vo.

Holy Angels. Lets Talk about Angels. Monday Stream.

4 нед назад

The Holy Angels. A talk about The Holy Angels and what they do. Angels at fligth 93. FBI agent talks. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uRPDpJYGAWE&t=4s.

Battle for Azeroth. First Impressions . & Chat.

4 нед назад

First Impressions of Battle for Azeroth. World of Warcraft,s New expansion to the Game. F.B.I. Agent see,s Holy Angels at plane crash site. flight 93.

ENOCH TELLS. The second journey with the ANGELS.

4 нед назад

More readings from the books of Enoch. Chapters- 21 / 22 & 23. Enoch journeys with The Arch Angels and see,s amazing sites.

Friday Stream. Parcel deliver,y and short chat.

4 нед назад

Friday short stream. Knocking on Heavens door, song.https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yjR7_U2u3sM.

Wednesday part 2. Epic WoW music mix & chat.

1 меc назад

late night chillout session.

Wednesday Show. The Earth is Changing BIG Time. 22/08/2018

1 меc назад

The Earth is Changing Big Time.

Tuesday chat show. Important info for Wednesday show and update.

1 меc назад

pre information for Wednesdays chat show. plus updates.